Who are we and what do we do?

Who and what is Muscle IQ? Muscle IQ is a group that is based on selling apparel with the bonus of helping others boost their motivation and their drive to increase the gains. We focus on helping those who haven’t lifted before, who are trying to improve at lifting and the techniques, as well as becoming a stronger person. The apparel in a way, is a plus to helping Muscle IQ gain attention, as well as build a base.

Why was Muscle IQ created?

First, let’s start off with the base of Muscle IQ. What does Muscle IQ mean? Muscle IQ simply means, Smart Muscle; which refers to training smart, but training heavy. Many can train heavy, but with poor form, and end up injuring themselves. As we go, we hope to expand more onto our apparel, as well as open up a YouTube channel dedicated to proper form, proper dieting, and proper execution of lifting. Muscle IQ aims to help better individuals and their health. It’s not about the money for us, it’s about growing as a whole, and building onto a foundation.

Do we plan on sponsoring athletes?

Eventually as we grow, we do plan on finding iconic individuals to help grow our product, just simply by wearing it. Which means, in the near future, we’ll have a form that’ll be able to be filled out by anyone, then the Muscle IQ Administration Team will review the document, and deem whether or not to sponsor this person. Upon sponsorship, you’ll receive free apparel, supplements, etc. But as in return, we’d need progress pictures of you representing our apparel, giving recent posts on your social media accounts explaining who you’re sponsored by and why. As well as helping with growing Muscle IQ. You’re looked at as an icon and a sign of motivation, not just an advertisement.


What made us want to create Muscle IQ?

The whole reason behind the creation of Muscle IQ was because of a small group of people at a local gym. It started off with a young gentlemen who was going to the gym late at night, in order to have more privacy to experiment with lifting weights. In result, a group of young teenagers decided to open SnapChat, and record the young man lifting with poor form and being unsure of what he’s doing. Seeing that, made us furious. To see someone who’s trying to learn techniques and expand on their knowledge, get shot down by a group of disrespectful teenagers? That wasn’t going to fly with us. Seconds after seeing what was going on, a couple friends at Muscle IQ decided to go over and help the young man out, by showing him the proper form, and getting his number to show him different routines and workouts for each area of the body. By showing him this, weeks later the young man came by with another friend who was learning from him. The fact that we were able to help someone and help them build their confidence enough to where they can bring a friend along and share their knowledge? It felt great, and it wasn’t something we wanted to do just once, we wanted to impact thousands. We started Muscle IQ with our own money, and our own connections in order to build the base we’re at now. Hopefully, we’ll build Muscle IQ and help educate others on their journeys.